Namaste & Welcome

Goreto Nepal is a nonprofit social organization created by ex-students of Kapilvastu Children's Home (Balmandir), in order to provide educational, economic and other support for the Orphans, Conflict Victims, and poor children from different part of the country. We are committed to working outside Kathmandu Valley. Unlike other organization, we want to focus outside Kathmandu, we want to reach every part of the country and provide support to every needy children.
Goreto Nepal Kapilvastu -A way to spread happiness
Goreto Nepal was established in 2074 and born from an awareness of the problem of every organization working and focusing only Kathmandu and not willing to work for the poor and needy children from different part of Nepal. The idea and concept were created by two ex-students of BalmandirDevendra Oli and Basant Budha Read more.

Our mission and Vision
Provide support to the orphan, conflict victims and poor children for their education, health, and many other sectors, staying in Balmandir and also help them for their higher education after they are returned to their family. Help them to adjust in outside environment and start their new life. Provide them career counselling, life skill training and even emotional support to some students.

Our Primary Mission is to work outside Kathmandu valley. We can see many NGOs working only inside Kathmandu and therefore many Orphans, Conflict Victim and poor children from different part of the country are not getting help. So we want to find out such needy children from different part of our country and help them to have access to the education, health and many more.

We envision a country Nepal where all the orphan, conflict victim, and poor children and all the young children after they leave Balmandir has access to an education, health and also they realize their potential and responsibility to create a better country Nepal. Read more.