Water Boring Project

Water Boring Project In Kapilvastu Children's Home

Kapilvastu Children's Home was having a water problem since 1 year. Because of the water shortage, 18 Children living in this children's home were facing difficulty in washing, bathing, cooking, maintaining sanitation and even in drinking. Many hand pumps has been inserted to solve this problem but no water was available from those hand pumps. Life has become difficult for children in this home because of water problem.

Fig: Hand Pump not working
Fig: Hand Pump has run out of water
Understanding the water problem and its consequences in children's home we initiated the project "Water Boring Project in Kapilvastu Children's Home" in collaboration with Lynn Wan Ling. With an objective to install Boring system in this children's home and provide them with clean water we started the boring work on 26th Jan 2018. Lynn Wan Ling and her friends donated huge amount for the successful completion of this project. After 2 months of hard work we got clean water and on 18th Mar our project successfully completed. We also performed water quality test and arsenic test to ensure that the boring water is safe for drinking.

We would like to thank Lynn Wan Ling and all the donors for your generous donation. Your donation made it possible for us to successfully complete this project. We truly appreciate your help.
Pic: JCB diggin a pit to start boring work
Pic: Drilling machine
Pic: sand layer found at 300 feet depth
Pic: Goreto Nepal president supervising the work
Pic: worker inserting 4'' platic pipe
Pic: Pebbles added around the pipe
Pic: Compressor machine 
Pic: Compressor machine testing availability of water
Pic: Clean water obtained
Pic: Ritual pray for long life of Boring water
Pic: Ritual Pray by the monk
Pic: Boring water
Pic: Children thanking Goreto Nepal and Lynn Wan Ling
Pic: Small children feeling happy to see clean water