Project Cemented Block

Kapilvastu Children Home is taking care of 18 orphan children. This Children Home was having water problem in the past which was solved by our Water Boring Project. Also, the children were having a problem of playing because of the stones, gravel, sand and pebbles in the ground. During rainy season all the water used to get collected in the ground preventing children from playing. Noticing all these problems we decided to initiate "Project Cemented Block" to solve their problem and to provide them with well-maintained ground.

Today we have managed to successfully complete this project and our children from Kapilvastu Children Home are provided with the well-managed ground. Now they can happily play on this ground. The drainage system is also good now so no water will be collected during the rainy season.

In order to do this project, many people helped us from different places and countries. we would like to thank all the donors for this help. Your contribution had made changes. Your donation is valuable. We appreciate your help.

Some of the photographs of the project are here: